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Admiration Series Vol.1 | Q&A with Serena Uziyel

The Admiration Series Highlights women that we admire - women with strength, a voice and a vision. Women who share Serena Uziyel’s love for preserving tradition and heritage through a modern lens. Here, we connect with these women on a personal level and celebrate the words of wisdom, traditions and inspirations that have motivated them throughout their lives.

1. Are there any defining or pivotal moments that informed where you are today, whether it be professionally or personally? 
My mother saw from a very young age that my strengths were in my creativity and visual expressions. She was an incredibly ambitious woman, and although I never quite met her expectations in school, she supported me endlessly and ensured I always challenged myself creatively.


2. Do you have a motto that you live by, share or that keeps you motivated? 
My grandmother always said “If it rains, everyone is going to get wet.”
I have always found strength, courage, power and unity in this saying of hers.


3. If you could live in any era, which era would you choose and why? 
The present. I believe if we can appreciate the moment in which we live, that will be our golden era. Not the past or the future, just now. 
4. Are there any favorite traditions that your family does? Do you hope to carry those traditions on over generations and why? 
My entire family gathers together for dinner every Friday - a tradition that has been present for generations and generations. For me this has always been a magical time of the week to connect with my loved ones around the table, sharing memories and great moments.


5. Is there any family heritage object that you cherish? Why is it important to you? 
My great aunts owned a millinery shop many years ago. I have several of their ancient millinery wooden molds on display in my Serena Uziyel Boutique in Istanbul as an homage to my family’s heritage and craft.


6. Do you have any significant female figures who inspire you?  
I am inspired by all of the female figures in my family for their strength, resilience, grace and fearlessness.