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Craftsmanship Preserved. Heritage Celebrated. Women Empowered.

Serena Uziyel, a brand whose purpose transcends the bounds of time ennobles the skillspassed down through generations, bringing to life exquisite creations and preserving the stories of ancient civilizations with unwavering commitment. Serena Uziyel draws artisan inspiration from the venerable realms of Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Babylon, and Persia. From the very fabric of time, these cultures have shaped our existence, permeating our lives with their profound influence. For Serena, their mesmerizing aesthetic way of living serves as a guiding light, igniting her artistic path with boundless passion. Within the intricate fibers of her creations, one can witness the tapestry of ancient techniques—looms, crochet, and filigree—woven delicately and meticulously. Artisanal praxis passed down through generations, now find their place in Serena's masterpieces, paying homage to the great civilizations which birthed them. Ancient treasures passed down through generations coupled with Serena’s family manor memoirs assumes a pivotal role in the Brand narrative, enveloping her in an exquisite world of refined customs and ethereal beauty. Entwined within its walls, golden pillow tassels sway in step with luminous chandeliers, imbuing Serena's spirit with enchantment and reverence. It is within this enchanting tapestry of her upbringing that Serena discovered her ardour for crafting bags—a passion nurtured by the delicate details that saturated every corner of the manor. As Serena embarked on her journey as an artist, her creations evolved from tender beginnings, infused with the essence of her family manor, and now stand as testaments to her artisan lineage. Serena Uziyel—the embodiment of the ancient and the contemporary, carries the torch of bygone civilizations, forever illuminating the path to beauty and artistry.

Designer & Founder

Serena Uziyel

Brand director and founder, Serena Uziyel, graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York. During her education, she worked with a variety of luxury brands including Moschino, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.

Serena spent two years in Spain for Zara International before establishing Shoes and Bags Collection of Sanayi 313. She had the privilege to learn the technical and theoretical shoe crafting skills from the veteran Grandmaster Giuseppe Joseph Amolo, in Florence, Italy.

Her immense admiration for tradition, art and handicraft along with her attention to detail lead her establish the eponymous brand; "Serena Uziyel".

The Element of Heritage in the Luxury of Serena Uziyel

Every piece within the collection undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, a fusion of modern design with time-honored handicraft techniques from Italy, Turkey, and India. The creations are born from hours of dedicated work, with an unwavering commitment to perfecting even the tiniest of details. At the heart of our brand lies the delicate artistry of transforming metallic threads into intricate chains, a signature element that defines us. Employing an array of materials and techniques, including metal yarns, raffia, hammered copper, twisting, braiding, and wrapping, to breathe life into our designs.

Perfection in the Details

Deeply detailed embroidered embellishments, such as silver and gold handcrafted chains resting atop a leather point-toe pump, are custom-made through an ancient wrapping technique, an intricate process that can take up to 35 hours to create a full chain-link. The final product is fine elegance, feminine sophistication, contemporary craftsmanship, and something truly extraordinary. The legacy of exceptional craftsmanship is embedded within the lineage of the Serena Uziyel brand. Here, an homage to heritage has always been a time-honored tradition.

Female Artisanship

The brand proudly collaborates with a multitude of exceptionally talented female artisans in Turkey. The artisans dedicate an extraordinary amount of time and effort to ensure that every detail of the brand's creations is impeccably perfected. Serena Uziyel has established a community of approximately 200 talented female artisans, where they are taught and empowered with various craft techniques, including intricate embroideries, braiding, and crochet techniques. This community reaches beyond Istanbul, extending its support to women who face limited employment opportunities. While the training is indeed a time- consuming process, it strongly reflects our commitment to giving back to the community—a cause that holds a special place in Serena Uziyel's heart.